Monday, April 8th 2018
Walter A. Buehler Alumni Center     |     UC Davis parking information
08:00 Registration
08:40 Tabare Abadie | Corteva
Opening Remarks
09:00 Michael Gore | Cornell University
"Insights into the genetic basis of crop nutritional quality and stress resilience"
09:45 Amélie Gaudin | University of California-Davis
"The roots of sustainability: from the rhizosphere up"
10:00 Abraham Morales-Cruz | University of California-Davis
"Genome evolution of two black pod pathogens in cacao"
10:15 Coffee
10:30 Robin Hopkins | Harvard University
"The evolution of pollen-pistil mate choice in Phlox"
11:15 Radu Totir | Corteva
"The use of applied science in seed product evaluation"
12:00 Flashtalks
12:20 Lunch | Poster Access
13:30 José Dinneny | Stanford University
"Tearing down walls and other stories of resistance to stress in plants"
14:15 Diane Beckles | University of California-Davis
"Postharvest chilling injury: plant response to human intervention"
14:30 Mohsen Mesgaran | University of California-Davis
"Exploitation of sex for weed management"
14:45 Poster Access | Coffee
15:15 Sue Rhee | Carnegie Institution for Science
"Transcriptional Regulatory Landscape of Arabidopsis thaliana Metabolism"
16:00 Brandon Gaut | University of California-Irvine
"The genomics of selfing: catching purging in the act"
16:45 Closing Remarks

- Lunch for first 200 attendees and memorabilia provided