Monday, April 24th 2017
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08:00 Registration
08:30 Tabare Abadie | DuPont Pioneer
Opening Remarks
08:50 Sean Myles | Dalhousie University
Mapping genes in long-lived perennials: lessons from apples and grapes
09:30 Maureen Hanson | Cornell University
Prospects for improving C3 plant photosynthesis with a cyanobacterial carbon-concentrating mechanism
10:10 Poster Access | Coffee
10:40 Christopher Topp | Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
What's going on down there? - Imaging technologies and analysis frameworks for the hidden half of plants
11:20 Sunil Kumar Kenchanmane Raju | Graduate Student, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Breeding for epigenetic variation in soybean and Arabidopsis for yield and stress adaptability
11:40 Joseph Edwards | Post-doctoral scholar, University of California-Davis
The Plant Root-Associated Microbiome Viewed Across Diverse Plant Species and Developmental Stages
12:00 Lunch
12:50 Jillian Foerster | DuPont Pioneer
An integrated approach to deliver a durable asian soybean rust resistant product
13:30 UC-Davis Faculty Spotlight
Daniel Runcie
Quantitative Genetics with “Big” Traits: Opportunities for Breeding
Florence Zakharov
Flavor research: toward improving fruit quality
Alan Rose
Introns as regulators of gene expression
Siobhan Brady
Regulation of Plant Root Development in a Changing Environment
14:30 Sarah Hearne | CIMMYT
From collection to cultivation: exploring and expanding the use of native maize diversity in breeding
15:10 Poster Access | Coffee
15:40 Jeffrey Neyhart | Graduate Student, University of Minnesota
Evaluating Methods of Updating Training Data in Long-Term Genomewide Selection
16:00 Carine Marshall | Graduate Student, University of California-Berkeley
Control of alternative splicing by SICKLE is required for adaptation of the plant circadian clock to cool temperatures
16:20 Rex Bernardo | University of Minnesota
A CRISPR breeding method for quantitative traits in plants
17:00 Social Mixer

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