## Abstracts

This year's symposium will provide graduate students and post-docs in plant science related fields an opportunity to showcase their work in form of posters (see program). Additionally, two graduate students will be competitively chosen to present their work in the form of 20 minute oral presentations (see program); post-docs are ineligible for oral presentations.

To celebrate the 5th year of the student-organized UC Davis Plant Breeding Symposium, we will be offering five $500 travel grants to current students. All submitted abstracts will be considered for these travel grants and winners will be competitively chosen. Note: the application deadline to be considered for a travel grant is February 29. Applications received past this deadline (until March 15) will be considered for presentations but not for a travel grant.

The application form is now closed. We are unable to accept abstracts for oral presentations. However, we may still be able to accomodate additional posters. For additional details, please write to Gitanshu Munjal (gmunjal (at) ucdavis (dot) edu) indicating “UCDPBS16” in the Subject.

Accepted Posters

** indicates travel grant winner

1.Allison Gaudinier. UC Davis (Graduate Student), Transcriptional Regulation of Nitrogen Related Metabolism in Arabidopsis thaliana
2.Andrea Ariani. UC Davis (Post-doc), Analysis of genetic diversity, evolution and signature of environmental selection in wild Phaseolus vulgaris using Genotyping-By-Sequencing (GBS) and landscape genomics
3.Brooke Getty. Oregon State (Graduate Student), Mutation breeding in hop
4.Erda Celer. Oregon State (Graduate Student), Douglas-fir Seedlings in the Pacific Northwest: The genetics of drought hardiness
5.Haley Toups. University of Nevada, Reno (Graduate Student), Characterizing Ethylene Response Factor-6 in Vitis vinifera
6.Heather Pasley.** Purdue (Graduate Student), Soil N Depletion by Maize Hybrids Differing in N Use Efficiency in Sub-Saharan Africa
7.Jareerat Chunthawodtiporn. UC Davis (Graduate Student), Evaluation of Phytophthora capsici resistance in a recombinant inbred line bell pepper population
8.Jiyoung Park. UC San Diego (Post-doc), Chemical genetics screening identifies a Lectin Receptor Kinase involved in biotic-to-abiotic interference signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana
9.Joseph Schmidt. Oregon State (Graduate Student), The impacts of cluster-thinning and cluster-zone leaf removal on the hormone dynamics of ripening Pinot noir grape berries
10.Kaisa Kajala. UC Davis (Post-doc), Mapping the tomato root responses and gene expression in drought and flooding
11.Matthew Wilhelm.** Texas A&M (Undergraduate Student), Understanding Selection of Beneficial Bacteria by Drought Tolerant Winter Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Cultivars
12.Nicholas Ace Pugh.** Texas A&M (Graduate Student), Heritability and QTL for Popping Characteristics in Sorghum Grain
13.Noor Al-Bader. Oregon State (Graduate Student), Diving into Transcriptomes of Oryza sativa Indica Landraces to Discover Novel Abiotic Stress-Induced Genes and Genetic Network Pathways
14.Raoni Gwinner. Universidade Federal de Lavras (Graduate Student), Aluminium tolerance analysis of common bean cultivars based on root growth
15.Sara Montanari. UC Davis (Graduate Student), SNP discovery and development of a high density array for large-scale genotyping in pear
16.Sharon Gray. UC Davis (Post-doc), A Systems-Level Study On The Effects of Elevated Atmospheric CO2 on Solanum lycopersicum and Solanum pennellii
17.Shu Yu. UC Davis (Graduate Student), Engineering the accumulation of beta-carotene in tetraploid wheat grains by TILLING